La philosophie Evolution 2 école de ski


The TeenXtreme group is an off-piste, freestyle and backcountry group lesson for teens who want to discover every aspect of the mountain. Learn and improve his skills in powder snow, on steep slopes, ski in the forest and ski on every type of snow. Know how to deal with snowpark jumps and also natural ones. During this group lesson, your teen will also be trained to the safety pack and he will learn who to take advantage of the mountain in a secure way!

Ski Pass:

The Tignes-Val d’Isère Skipass is required to take advantage of the ski resort.



Put a little snack & drink in your child’s pocket to keep their energy up!



You can hire equipment from our partner Intersport Tignes.

The safety pack for off-piste introduction day is provided by Evolution 2.


Group harmonisation:

In order to ensure the highest quality of learning, group harmonisation will take place at the beginning of the week after each child’s level and physical strength has been evaluated. We do this in order to make sure that the children in each group are of the same or a similar level allowing everyone to progress as consistently as possible. It is therefore a possibility that children change groups at this point. If this happens, the instructor will inform you of the changes.




FORMAT 9:00-12:00 9:00-12:00 School holidays 2:00-5:00 2:00-5:00 School holidays Full day Full day school holidays
5 days
€235 €245 €190 €200 €360 €370
6 days
€270 €280 €225 €235 €395 €405