Kids Club Général


Your child’s very first snow adventure! Our instructors will make sure that this first discovery of skiing is a fun and captivating experience for your child. Games and light sliding will be the main activities of this lesson so that each child gains confidence on their skis and progresses at their own pace whilst having fun.

The goal of this lesson is for the children to get familiar with the snow and the equipment, move around on the flat, slide on light slopes and get to know their balance.


Try a new experience and have fun!

Husky is new name of the “marmotte” group !

Ski Pass:

No need for a ski pass, the children will be learning in our kindergarten.  


Put a little snack & drink in your child’s pocket to keep their energy up! We only offer morning sessions for our Husky group, not afternoons or full days, as we don’t have facilities for children who need to take an afternoon nap.  


We advise you to attach your child’s gloves with string. For children who are signed up for lunch club, please drop them off with snow boots in a back pack. Children don’t need poles for these lessons. You can hire equipment from our partner Intersport Tignes.  

Group harmonisation:

In order to ensure the highest quality of learning, group harmonisation will take place at the beginning of the week after each child’s level and physical strength has been evaluated. We do this in order to make sure that the children in each group are of the same or a similar level allowing everyone to progress as consistently as possible. It is therefore a possibility that children change groups at this point. If this happens, the instructor will inform you of the changes.


FORMAT 9:00-12:00 9:00-12:00 School Holidays
5 days MON-FRI €235 €245
6 days SUN-FRI €270 €280