You are a beginner or have just had a few hours on a snowboard? This group is for you!

You will begin by finding your balance on the snowboard, by controlling the board with one foot strapped in. You will move on to falling leaf descents before conquering both front side and back side turns.

The instructor will focus on personal performance and individual development.

Ski Pass:

No need for a ski pass at the beginning of the week. The instructor could ask you to buy a ski pass at the end of the week.



Take a little snack & drink in your pocket to keep their energy up!



You can hire equipment from our partner Intersport Tignes.


Group harmonisation:

In order to ensure the highest quality of learning, group harmonisation will take place at the beginning of the week after each person’s level and physical strength has been evaluated. We do this in order to make sure that the everyone in each group is of the same or a similar level allowing everyone to progress as consistently as possible. It is, therefore, a possibility that you change groups at this point. If this happens, the instructor will inform you of the changes.



FORMAT 9:00-12:00 2:00-5:00
5 days
€210 €165
6 days
€230 €185